Double Degree Program M.A. + MBA

Graduates of the M.A. in Responsible Management from Steinbeis University Berlin – ICRM have the opportunity to continue studying towards the completion of an MBA degree. The MBA up-grade offers participants the unique opportunity to build on their studies and receive two degrees from two universities in two years.
As MBA in Sustainability and CSR are in demand, the Double Degree Program provides participants with the chance to study both those specific subject areas and general management related topics in a combined way.

M.A. + MBA Double Degree Program
Qualities of the Double Degree Program
  • Participants complete two disciplines of study in a shorter amount of time and receive two academic degrees
  • Concepts of two different courses of study are holistically integrated
  • Modules are action oriented with a focus on problem solving related to your experience
  • Participants enhance your personal management potential through group learning, case studies, etc.
Two MBA Options

Danube University Krems
After successfully graduating from the Steinbeis University Berlin, MRM graduates have the opportunity to continue studying towards the MBA degree at Danube University Krems, Austria. The goal of this program is to further develop the scientific and social knowledge of the participants. The MBA up-grade offers participants the unique opportunity to build on their study and receive two degrees from two universities in two years.

Option 1: General Management MBA offers general management education and training, which prepares the students for a successful career in management. The program is aimed at young academics and entry-level managers who want to acquire the necessary business know-how. This up-grade program consists of six General Management modules:

  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Managerial Economics and Applied Business Statics
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business & Trading Environment
  • Human Resource Management
  • Venture Capital & Mergers and Acquisitions

Option 2: Professional MBA Corporate Responsibility & Business Ethics is aimed at mid-career executives looking for career advancement. This up-grade program allows students to choose four of the General Management modules and one elective specialization module from the following options:

  • Economic EthicsDownload Brochure
  • Corporate Responsibility & Ethics
  • Management Ethics
Basic Elements of the MBA Method
  • Learning by experience links the work- and problem solving processes to the learning process. The modules are action oriented; the focus will be on problem solving related to the participants’ experience.
  • Working on direct solutions will bring the participant into a creative role.
  • The skill of “understanding and communication” is becoming a basic qualification for managers. Case studies, role games and group interaction enhance this capability.
  • Learning in groups creates fertile ground for further development of personal potential. For this reason, the participants in the MBA program attain more specialized management goals. Dealing with various points of view and receiving feedback help participants to enhance their personal management potential.

The Plymouth Business School is the major provider of business education in the South West region of England. It has strong industrial links and provides a range of services to businesses including training, research, consultancy, technology transfer and economic regeneration.The Plymouth Business School offers an exciting range of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate courses delivered by a dedicated professional team who are tuned to individual needs and who have a reputation for quality, friendliness and approachability. The Business School research interests are highly relevant to the contemporary business environment and contain some very distinctive features.

Benefits to students and employers:

Students will

  • develop their ability to manage people and other resources
  • develop their approaches to management problem-solving
  • learn the language of other areas of business and management and thus be able to interact effectively with them
  • gain a rounded or helicopter view of their organization
  • take a more strategic perspective on management issues and problems
  • increase your confidence to manage a broad range of situations and organizations
  • have the opportunity to earn an action-based MBA – the most recognizable and marketable business qualification
MBA Up-Grade
  • Action-based research project set in an organization of your choice
  • Practical demonstration of research competence
  • Supervised by research-active Plymouth Business School
The course is right for you if any, or all, of the following apply:
  • You are at the level of first or middle management
  • You are or aspire to be a practicing manager
  • You have recently changed your career path towards management
  • You want to move to a more responsible position within your organization