ICRM Postgraduate Competence Center

ICRM Postgraduate Competence Center (PCC) is a platform created to support continued research and application of ICRM graduates’ academic and practical ideas. PCC serves as a center of expertise on issues related to Responsible Management, and will provide outlets for knowledge transfer of members’ work to interested companies and organizations, as well as the broader public.

Besides supporting members in continued research beyond that of their Masters Thesis, PCC fosters academic exchange amongst its members, as well as opportunities to engage with current ICRM students through mentorship.

Through PCC, ICRM will act as both a research partner of postgraduates, as well as provide forums for discussion on their respective subjects of focus. Furthermore, ICRM will endeavor to promote the topics discussed in PCC by arranging lectures, participation in conferences, and projects.

Opportunities for PCC Members
  • Assistance and cooperation in their respective research subject
  • Academic exchange with fellow members of the PCC
  • Participation in a consulting platform for companies
  • Speaking engagements
  • Exchange with the public
  • Mentoring of current ICRM students
  • Publishing

PCC Members

Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi

Barbara Coudenhove-KalergiBarbara has a degree in International Business Administration of the WU Wien, the University of Economics Vienna. She has a 15-year long diverse work experience that spans from Communications and Marketing, over Sales and Distribution to Business Strategy and CSR. She gained this experience working in different industry sectors: tourism, real estate, music and entertainment industry, consultancy and finally the non-profit/non-governmental sector.

Since 2004 Barbara works for the non-profit organization ICEP – Institute for Development Cooperation, where she held the position of Marketing and Fundraising Director until 2007. From 2005 she has helped to develop a quarterly publication—the corporAID Magazin—which covers business and development, international development cooperation and global CSR. Parallel she built up the awareness raising, information and consulting initiative corporAID, working at the intersection of private business and development cooperation. Since 2010 Barbara is managing the corporAID platform, writes regularly for the corporAID Magazin and programs symposia to promote the synergies between business and development.

In May 2010 she started a double postgraduate at the Steinbeis-University Berlin (Master in Responsible Management) and the Danube Professional MBA Corporate Responsibility & Business Ethics at the Danube University Krems.

In 2012 Barbara co-founded the Center for Responsible Management in Vienna with the aim to promote ethics in management practice.

Barbara is married and has one daughter. She lives with her family in Vienna.

Languages: German, English, French, basic Spanish

Ellen Weiland

Ellen WeilandEllen Weiland graduated in 2005 from Cologne University with a double degree in Area Studies China and Economics. She has spent 2 years in China, studying the Chinese language in Chongqing and working for local Chinese companies in Shanghai and Nanjing.

In 2005 she accepted a position with McKinsey&Company in Düsseldorf and helped build up the Chinese Research Team in Shanghai. In 2007 she moved into a new position at McKinsey Switzerland Zurich office, where she worked for 5 years in the energy sector and led mostly virtual research teams around the world.

In 2012 Ellen Weiland successfully obtained the Master of Arts in Responsible Management at Steinbeis University Berlin on top of her job at McKinsey&Company. She is a founding member of the Postgraduate Competence Center (PCC).

Ellen Weiland dedicated her academic research towards the topic of responsible management of foundations as she has founded one herself 5 years ago. The foundation Wilderness International focuses on buying and protecting temperate rainforest areas in Western Canada in close partnerships with Canadian First Nations while educating youth in both countries about the value of pristine nature. The question of trust, credibility and responsibility in foundations is a key issue she faces as president of the organization.

Her research topics are therefore:

  • Research of relationship between trust and responsibility in organizations
  • Is there a right balance of direct responsibility and outsourced responsibility in management? The rising importance of monitors such as foundation seals-of-approval and certification bodies.
  • Critical analysis of stakeholder dialogue models

Falk Reimann

Falk ReimannFalk Reimann has acquired his diploma in Economic and Social Geography with specializations Economics and Transport Economics at TU Dresden in 2002.

In 2003, when Speaker of Economic Development in Chemnitz, he was responsible for creating business reports and cooperation with industrial companies. By participating in an Interreg project, he gained an insight into the implementation of EU structural funds.
Based on these experiences, he moved in 2004 to Leipzig to join Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH, an agency for the acquisition of EU funds for the region Leipzig. As project manager, he was responsible for acquisition and project development of new projects, as well as the implementation of ongoing projects of foster employment- and urban development. In his area of responsibility were international and regional coordination, financial management and reporting to the EU Commission. Within his almost four year tenure, he acquired an extensive detailed knowledge of the EU structural funds ERDF and ESF, as well as skills in intercultural cooperation with European partners from government, industry and universities.

Since November 2007, he has been a consultant at the development bank of the Free State of Saxony, Sächsische Aufbaubank, hired. The focus of his consulting activities are startups and microfinance consultancy, private and business financial support by incentives including advising of opportunities by the European Structural Funds. Furthermore, he represents the Bank in the public image with network partners as well as trade shows and events.

In 2011, he has started the part-time Master Degree Program Responsible Management at Steinbeis University Berlin and successfully completed it in March 2013. In his Master’s Thesis he examined the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility for public companies and developed guidelines for appropriate implementation.

He is a founding member of the ICRM Postgraduate Competence Center (PCC).

Gabriele Faber-Wiener

G.Faber-WienerGabriele Faber-Wiener has a degree in Public Relations of the University of Vienna and a double degree in Responsible Management and Business Ethics/CSR. She has more than 20 years of experience in Communications and Management, both in NGOs (e.g. Greenpeace Austria, Médecins Sans Frontières) in political parties (Coordinator at EU election campaign of the Austrian Green Party) as well as in companies (Grayling Austria, Director for the Centre of Excellence Public, Non Profit and CSR).

From 2003 to 2005 she was president of the Austrian Public Relations Association, responsible for representing the Austrian PR branch publicly, on events and in the media. She lectures at various universities in Austria and Germany, specializing in the issues of ethics and communications for public issues and the non-profit sector as well as CSR. She received several awards for her communication work, including the Paul-Watzlawick-Award of the University of Vienna, the Austrian PR Award and others.

Since November 2011 she is part of the Austrian Ethics Council for Public Relations (PR-Ethikrat), a voluntary organization that monitors and observes ethical practices in Austrian media and communications. She is the cofounder of the “Center for Responsible Management”, focusing on awareness raising and consulting of responsible management and responsible communications.

John Feldmann

J.FeldmannJohn Feldmann completed his Master of Arts degree in Goettingen, Germany and avocationally his degrees in Responsible Management in Berlin
and Professional MBA in Krems, Austria. He gathered practical experience in the fields of Communications, International Cooperation and Socially Responsible Investments. Further More, he has been working as a consultant CSR with SMEs from different industries. Currently he is employed as Chief Operations Officer at a Berlin based agency working in the fields of regional development and innovation. His theoretical knowledge Focuses on Corporate Ethics Management, CSR Management, Socially Responsible Investments and Strategic Management.

Katrin Volgmann

K.VolgmannKatrin Volgmann was born in 1982 in Perleberg. After graduating from high school in Berlin in 2002 she first graduated from a European Voluntary Service in Italy and then studied at the Freie Universität Berlin Business Administration with a focus on business cooperation and management. Part-time, they gained beyond a Master of Arts in Responsible Management at Steinbeis University Berlin. Currently Volgmann woman working as junior consultant for business development at DB International GmbH. She also held positions include, among others, the Human Resources department of the DB Group and the Italian Institute for Außendhandel.

Woman Volgmann research primarily in the field of sustainable human resources.

How to become a member?

Graduates of ICRM who have written an above average Master Thesis that has a conceptual component should apply for assessment by the ICRM.
Interested? Have a question? Contact Dr. Felictias Mocny.